RDX X3 6 INCH Weightlifting Neoprene Gym Belt

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The Eva Curve Belt is a must-have training belt and powerlifting upgrade. Engineered using an ideal combination of multiple paddings to give ideal comfort and flexibility while promising stability and ultimate protection. The sturdiest belt in the market, designed for maximum support to assist your back during crouches, squats and other weight training exercises such as chest fly, triceps extension and shoulder press. An inside padding of compressed Eva-Lution Sheet for an unbreakable shield of defense against any impact. Equipped with polyester fabric and double stitched with nylon webbing to provide assistance for grueling workouts and extra padding around the lumbar region to make sure the belt for weight training will not slip down. The Hook and Loop closure system and anti-open closure system provides the most secure, unyielding fastener on any belt.

  • Premium Materials – made from polyester fabric exceptional abdominal support as well as protection during higher intensity workouts at your home gym.
  • Hook & Loop Closure Tension Lock Technology – Closure system locks in-place despite stress. A sturdy Iron buckle with a plastic roller component enables waist, back and abdominal support.
  • Nylon Strap Strength - Made from Nylon the strap is durable and extremely strong providing extra security and an adjustable fit.
  • Optimal Padding – Spongy black top fabric as well as SpongeX Padding on the exterior and compressed Eva-Lution Sheet on the inside. The combination of padding ensures perfect placement, superior comfort and perfect protection during intense weight and strength training.

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