RDX T2 Black Short Sleeves Sweat-Wicking Gym T-Shirt

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There's no need to fumble through the entire closet to find the perfect athletic shirt to meet the demands of intense physical activity. The RDX Sports T-Shirt provides the convenience of a gym shirt that could also double as outdoor sporting apparel. Made from premium 100% polyester, the non-allergic and sweat-wicking fabric provides comfortable wear with full-range of movement. Resilient and tightly stitched, the shirt is built to survive several wash cycles without losing its shape. Strategically placed perforations allow maximum breathability and keep the body temperature regulated. It is the ideal apparel for any sort of pro sports training like boxing and MMA sparring or recreational activities such as hiking.

  • Manufactured with 100% polyester for durability and resistance to tears
  • Enhanced moisture-wicking material ideal for indoor and outdoor sports
  • Premium stitching and interlocking to prevent rips in seams
  • Perforated back for enhanced ventilation to keep the body cool and dry
  • Stretchable fabric material for maximum comfort and unrestricted movement

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