RDX L7 Weight Lifting Leather Gym Gloves

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The L7 gym gloves were made to help you reach your goals at the gym. These gloves will provide you with the grip to achieve that perfect physique you always aspired. Increased breathability gives you the comfort and ease for weightlifting whereas the fashionable leather exterior with its silicon printed grip design makes the glove perfect to get those reps in and essential for your workouts. Its comfortable interior and unique hook and loop closure ensure the right fit and keeps your wrist stable with the support needed for the heavier sets. The finger openings are wrapped in soft polyester fabric to prevent rashing or damaging your skin while you can focus on your training and form.

  • Super Skin Leather - Classic Mayahide improved to be amongst the most durable of leathers
  • Eva Padding + Dazzle fabric - The softest yet most comfortable of gloves
  • Stretch Fabric + Hook and Loop Closure - For a secure fit, no matter your wrist size
  • Cotton Towel thumb - For sweat wicking and a soft fit
  • Silicon Printed Palm + MicroFiber Base - For the strongest and slip-resistant grip

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