RDX L4 Open Finger Weightlifting Gym Gloves

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The perfect companion in the gym, the RDX Open Finger Micro Plus Gym Gloves are here to give you comfort. Under the stresses and lifts of the regular gym goer these gloves maintain a strong grip while giving you form-fitted perfection to get those gains. RDX gym gloves are known for their durability and comfort, so rest assured that you will lift those weights like never before. The finger openings are wrapped in Spandex piping to make the edges round to prevent scratching and the RDX Eva padding provides the softest of fits.

  • Suede leather- the foundation for the glove
  • Spandex Piping- gives the glove durability
  • Cotton Towel Fabric- to prevent sweat accumulating
  • Eva Padding and Foam Lamination- for a soft comfortable fit
  • Hook and loop closure system- the ultimate security

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