RDX H2 Neck Harness For Weight Lifting & Strengthening Exercises

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The RDX Neck Harness is designed for optimal neck and back exercises. An essential product for both mixed martial arts and boxing where concussive shots can rattle the nervous system, this allows you to build the necessary muscles to prevent any such damage from affecting you. The head harness specifically helps you target the rhomboid and trapezius muscles unlike any other strength building equipment. The Neck Harness allows you to replicate the effects of weight training, with unlimited loading potential of straight weight which is easy to track in the neck and back. Furthermore the Neck Harness is often used to encourage or fix posture issues or reduce chances of damage that stem from bad form.

  • 4 D-Ring Latches- made for adjustability and maneuverability at varying lengths
  • 35 inch (90cm) HG Steel Chain - Adjustable and extremely durable steel, for versatility in length and usage.
  • Nylon/Neoprene industrial grade stitching - For resilience, comfort and to assure longlasting usage.
  • Three Way Adjustable Straps - To assure stable and secure performance throughout your training/exercise/workout.
  • UnderChin and OverHead padding - For both comfort and to maintain the equipment anchored around your head.

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